Entryway Solution

Does this cabinet look familiar? It should--there's a drawing of it in The House That Cleans Itself. This humble piece of furniture is what gets me out of the door with the things I need, without making a mess in the front hall.

See how neat it looks when the door is closed? On the top is a small tray for my keys and sunglasses.

Inside the cabinet, however, you'll find all sorts of things like tote bags, library books, items waiting to be taken to the car, coupons, our home's "lost & found" department, and more:

My family makes fun of my labelmaking-gone-wild, but if I don't label things I can't remember what they're for.

Perhaps my solution to the entryway blues could work in your home too.


  1. What an awesome idea! I love the labeling suggestion.

  2. I LOVE my labelmaker! I use a Brother P-Touch, which is easy to use, handheld, and costs less than $30. Watch for an upcoming post where I talk about other ways my labelmaker helps keep my house clean. And thanks for your comment. :)


  3. Great idea to keep all of those little things organized and hidden! Your entryway looks so nice and neat.

    I just found this website of yours today. I'll have to check back as you continue to post. :)

    My friend and I have read most of your books. We live about 4,000 miles apart, so we do our own little book club over the phone. We loved the Million Dollar Mysteries. Just last week I got "Under the Cajun Moon" and "Shadows of Lancaster County." I can't wait to start reading them!