Simplify with a Labelmaker

Do you have a labelmaker? I couldn't live without mine! It's a Brother PT-80 P-touch Electronic Labeling System, which is easy to use, handheld, and costs less than $30.

Besides using it to label shelves, boxes, bins, etc., I also use it for cords and wires. In fact, in the past two years I have made a point of labeling every single new wire or cord that has come into my home.

For example, at this moment I am looking at the power strip on my left, where I can see the following labels:

• "charger for John's Canon"
• "Mac desktop"
• "pencil sharpener"
• "HP Printer"
• "Desk Lamp "
• "Kindle charger"

Looking at the wires that hang neatly on the right, I can see:

• "Kindle-to-computer connection"
• "Large camcorder upload wire"
• "Small camcorder upload wire"
• "iPhone connection wire"
• "Alphasmart upload wire"
• "Connection laptop to projector"

and more.

Given the amount of technology that surrounds me (and how many cords look alike) I'd say the 30-second investment I make to label a new wire or cord is time amply saved in the future. It also saves frustration and mess.

Every House That Cleans Itself should have a labelmaker of some kind in its arsenal, even if the "labelmaker" is simply you with a Sharpie and some good penmanship!

Check back next week to see some photos of how I handle all of these wires and cords in my office.


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your cords! I really don't like the mess of cords behind my desk.

  2. I used mine to label the pantry shelves so that the family would get use to the new system. I also used it to make a "wii box" for the wii controlers and games to live in. There is something about a label that makes a plastic box seem more official and therefore more likely to be used.