Labelmakers, Part 2

Last time, I talked about using a lablemaker to simplify your life. Today I'm going to show you one way I use my labelmaker in my house to keep the wires and cords organized in my office.

First, when I get a new wire, I type in a simple description of it on my labelmaker and then print it twice in a row without cutting in between prints.

Then I press the button to cut off the double label...

and wrap it around the cord, as shown:

Thus, the back of my computer currently looks like this:

and I can always tell which wire goes with which peripheral device.

The cords that aren't always in the computer but that I frequently use, such as camera uploaders and firewire cables, hang next to my desk, like so:

I'm sure there are prettier, more out-of-sight ways to store computer cords, but considering how often I need them, this is the most efficient way for me to do it. More importantly, it's the neater way, because I don't make a mess digging for cords every time I need one.

Perhaps this is a solution that could work for you as well?


  1. Just got a labelmaker and it has made a wonderful difference in my kids' room--now everyone (not just me) knows where things go and can put them away. Same with my linen closet. Slowly, bit by bit, I'm rescuing my house! The office is next, with all the cords. What a great idea! I'm also going to copy your idea for hanging the less-frequently-used cords too. The Container Store has hooks I can hang under the shelf in my office. I'm so excited!

  2. That's awesome, Tami! Keep up the good work!