15 Steps to Vacuuming Once a Month

As I stated in the last blog (and I apologize for the delay), a House That Cleans Itself is one that only needs occasional vacuuming. That's entirely possible if you do the following:

1. Place large, sturdy mats inside and outside every exterior door of your home. The rougher and bigger the mats, the better.

2. If someone in your family routinely tracks in mud, also place a mud scraper outside every exterior door of your home. Also, check back in a few weeks to see my post titled "You Gotta Love Malta". It features a really neat way to stop dirt before it gets tracked inside.

Don't know what a mud scraper is? Click here for an example. Mud Scraper

3. Keep your exterior areas, especially the walkways, free of fallen leaves and other debris.

4. Make sure that visitors can get from your driveway to your door without having to walk on any grass or, even worse, through mud or puddles. Install stepping stones or even a sidewalk, if necessary.

Why not get started on these first four changes, and then check back next week for more steps you can take to reduce your home's need for frequent vacuuming.