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Sometimes It Pays to Be a Pessimist

I heard a great quote today that I thought I'd share, one similar to the advice I give in The House That Cleans Itself. This was from professional organizer Star Hansen, who says:

"Make your maintenance systems for your laziest day."

In other words, don't set up your household organization so that it only works on those days when you're feeling energetic and organized and efficient. Instead, think forward to your most difficult days, when you're feeling tired or overwhelmed or just lazy. Set up all of your systems with that person in mind, and you'll be far more likely to use the systems you set up!

I couldn't agree more. We all prefer to see ourselves in the best light, but when it comes to household systems for organization, it pays to be pessimistic about our future behaviors. As I always say, make the easy choice the clean choice, and you'll do it far more often than not.