Just Got My Copy

Well, it's official, the new, revised version of The House That Cleans Itself has been released! It's always fun when a book comes out, especially that moment when it gets delivered to my door, fresh off the press. Here's the cover, which I think is a great update of the original:

I'm so glad to see folks entering my free book giveaway.  Keep those comments coming, because you can still enter for a few more days. See my last post, Enter to Win a Free Book from Mindy, for details.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in to celebrate the fun of this new release. This is my 21st book, but that amazing feeling of holding it in my own hand for the first time never gets old. :)

Thanks for being a part of it!


  1. After both my parents died your book taught me how to completely clean the entire house out. That was an amazing accomplishment considering it had never been done and I at one time spent 19 hours just cleaning my kitchen. It took me a year and a half from start to finish but it was the best year and a half I've ever spent. I just wanted to say thank you so much for answering God's call in writing this book, I need to buy a new copy of it since I'm now teaching my friend Jordan how to use it on his house! my house has stayed clean and organized ever since, and my friends often comment "Who are you?!?"

  2. Hello,
    I would like to thank you for this great book which gave me the enthusiasm to reorganise my room into a room which cleans itself. I really would like to thank you for this book which had informations which I needed to rethink on how to keep things in a better way.