Dear Readers,

I've got a very busy few months ahead, so for the summer I have decided to take a break from writing this blog. Never fear, however, because my assistant Shari is going to continue post here each week a brief excerpt from my book The House That Cleans Itself. I hope you'll keep stopping by to take a look--and that the info you get will be helpful as you work through or fine-tune the program!

As for me, I'll be hard at work finishing my next novel, Shadows of Lancaster County, which will be released in January from Harvest House Publishers. It's a gothic-type mystery set in Amish country and I'm having a great time immersing myself in the story. If you have any household mess questions in the meantime, feel free to send them to Shari at, and she'll hold onto them for me to answer once I have turned in my novel in August and can return to this blog and give your questions my full attention.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! I hope you have a lovely summer full of reading and relaxing and VERY LITTLE CLEANING because your house, like mine, is practically cleaning itself!


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