It's a wrap!

A gift wrap station is as simple or as elaborate as your gift-wrapping is.

The key is to put everything together in one place: gift wrap or bags, tape, scissors (that are used only here and never carted off), tissue paper, ribbons, bows, labels or tags and a permanent marker.

Whatever you do, if you are housekeeping impaired, resist the temptation to hoard tiny scraps of wrapping paper in anticipation of wrapping a really small box. Paper scraps belong in the trash or recycle bin even if they're pretty. Also, make a habit of tossing any wrapping paper that gets crushed or bent. If it's too raggedy to use on a gift, why hang on to it?


  1. Very good points. I had these habits (keeping scraps) for a long time. Funny how it had to be pointed out to me that I wasn't using them anyway--I was still buying new! On your bread question: "Why yes, yes, I do!" Thanks for stopping by our blog. ;)

  2. I just finished reading your book, and I loved it. I have 4 boys under 7 and I am amazed that my house is mostly clean all the time! Woohoo (doing a happy dance).. I featured your book on my blog
    Thanks again

  3. I totally need to dispose of some scraps! Never really thought about it... but I'm never going to use them and they are just taking up space.

    Does the family room floor count as a gift wrapping station? Just wondering. :)