15 Steps to Vacuuming Once a Month – Part 4

If you want to vacuum just once a month, you should follow the steps in my last three posts, plus the following:

11. Restrict eating to certain areas. We messy types need the freedom to chow down occasionally in the family room. But we should limit food that gets carried upstairs, into the bedrooms, etc. Make a house rule about where family members can and cannot eat—one that's realistic—and stick with it. I'm big on letting kids and teens manage the cleanliness or not of their own bedrooms (if you don't like their mess, close the door), but on this issue, the house rule should prevail. If they balk, tell them to do a google image search on rats and roaches. That should help them see the light.

12. Restrict messy projects to areas that can handle it. Are the kids getting glue on the rug? Glitter in the furniture crevices? Permanent marker stains on the butcher block counter? Put a stop to all of that by providing a project area that has good lighting, a sturdy-and-easily-cleaned tabletop with no grooves (or at least one that can be covered with a plastic tablecloth), and a non-carpeted floor that is easily swept clean. Insist that any project that involves glue, markers, or scissors be done there. The kids will adapt soon enough, and if you keep a rechargeable sweeper nearby, they'll be more likely to clean up after themselves. Whenever they sit down to work on any project, remind them of this motto: The project's not done till the mess is gone.

Just as a side note, you may want to allow less messy projects, such as simple coloring or drawing, to be done in a wider variety of locations. If so, think about getting Color Wonder markers and paper. The ink in these markers will show up on the special paper—but not on other surfaces.

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  1. Ya, good thinking about limiting the creative areas for kids. It's all done at the kitchen table for easy place to clean-up.


  2. Hi! I just bought your book, & have sucsessfully converted my entryway.

    I do have one question, though-what do you do with all the stuff you are collecting that is "aquired but not assigned?"

  3. It seems like that box is already exploding.....& I haved the rest of the house to go!

  4. Mindy, your ideas are so great. Looking forward to reading your next book.

    On another note, I have given you a blog award. Here's a link (if it works) for it: