Handy Holiday Decorating Tip

Turkey time is over, and if you're like me, you're now faced with the monumental task of decorating your home for Christmas. I have a handy suggestion that should help minimize the mess during the holidays.

If you're housekeeping-impaired, chances are you have a lot of knick knacks or gee gaws or other general decorative clutter lying around--which means that by adding holiday decorations to the mix, you're going to make a bad situation worse and fall into serious stuff overload in your home. To keep that from happening, follow this simple rule of thumb: Don't try to have both your regular decorations and your holiday decorations out at the same time, but instead REPLACE the one with the other!

Wondering where can you store all of those regular decorations during the holiday season? Do what I do: Use the containers that hold the Christmas decorations! Simply trade out, and then let those everyday items stay hidden away in the containers until Christmas has passed. You can take them back out and put them on display again when you are ready to put away your holiday decorations.

Around here, we call this The Great Knick Knack Trade. The added bonus is that when it's time to put the regular stuff back out, I'm usually in the mood to do a little stuff-purging first.

I hope today's tip helps you to have a very merry Christmas-decorating season.

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  1. I leave my pictures up on the walls, but I wrap them in Christmas wrapping paper to make them look like presents. Actually, this year I'm making slipcovers for them out of fabric that I got on sale, to save me on wrapping paper and time in the future. Add a ribbon or bow and voila, simple Christmas decorations without increasing the clutter in the house!