Happy Easter

My daughter Emily made this cake, which I'm proudly showing off here. She's just so darn talented.

I hope you have a lovely day, full of family and food and celebration and JOY.

HE IS RISEN!!! Hallelujah!


  1. That's a very beautiful cake! I'm encouraged to see your office pics, before and after. The rest of my house looks okay most of the time, but my bedroom, unfortunately, looks like your office "before".

    I need to dig out your book and read it again.

  2. Thanks! I forgot to tell my daughter i was posting a photo of her handiwork, so your comment has been a good reminder to text and tell her. :)

    If you can keep all but your bedroom clean, you're doing better than most! If a big part of the problem is clothing, you might want to refer back to an old post in the archives on here, called "Oh, Those Clean Dirty Clothes" or something like that. It's all about the clutter problems created by clothes that have been worn once but are still clean enough to wear again. For a lot of people, that's their biggest bedroom mess issue. :)

    Thanks for reading!