On the Air

I just had a delightful interview with Peter Benson on KNKT radio in Albequerque, NM, about The House That Cleans Itself. During the show, we referred folks to my website and this blog...and as I hung up the phone I had to admit that this poor blog has been pushed to the back burner for far too long! Fortunately, I have finally made my way through a series of writing deadlines that were keeping me too time-challenged to have the fun of blogging. Now with the release of my newest mystery, Whispers of the Bayou, I'm able to return to this forum and share more of my thoughts on how to have a clean house. Check back for updates once a week or so.

If you heard the radio interview and have just found this blog for the first time, welcome! This blog is the place where I can give practical suggestions for the ongoing process of turning homes that tend to be messy into homes that tend to stay neat. Sounds good? Then stay tuned! I'll be back with more on here soon.


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