Room-to-Room Sequence Cleaning

Do you get bogged down trying to get the whole house cleaned? Does the task seem daunting?

Page 200 from The House The Cleans Itself includes details on how to go through your house cleaning using the Room-to-Room Sequence Cleaning process. I'm going to share some highlights with you here and please note - this process is used when you have more than one person involved and is a great way to help children feel part of a team yet individually important.

Each person is assigned several primary tasks:
1. Dad - neatener, high duster
2. Mom- wiper, disinfectant sprayer
3. Teen A - vacuumer, low duster
4. Teen B - mopper, finisher

Start cleaning:
Dad will go to the first room and straighten up any messes, put things that belong elsewhere in a big basket for redistribution and dust the high items. He calls "Done" and moves to the next room to do the same tasks.

Meanwhile Mom moves into the first room and wipes up any messes and cleans. Once she has finished her tasks she calls "Done" and moves to the next room which has been straightened up and is ready for her.

Teen A enters the first room to vacuum and dust the lower items. When done she calls "Done."

Teen B enters the first room and mops if appropriate and finishes the room by putting everything back into place (furniture may have been moved to make way for vacuuming and such tasks).

You get the picture. This way everyone keeps moving from room to room with the supplies he or she needs. As you use this process you may find that someone gets backed up waiting for the previous person to finish a room. If this happens, you can add a task for them in their list of things to do.

Stay tuned for some more interesting cleaning tips!

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