The World's First Self-Cleaning House

Have you ever heard of Frances Gabe? Certainly, she's a hero of mine!

Frances Gabe's self-cleaning house (yes, you read that correctly) uses nearly 70 various tools to save time, space, and labor, rendering such petty chores as dusting, dishwashing, and even washing clothes completely unnecessary.

With a house made from cinder-block, termites are no longer an issue. Every surface of the house is also coated in resin, which repels water. In every room there is a ceiling mounted device that washes, dries, heats, and cools the room--all at the touch of a button. With waterproof, dust-proof carpets and furniture completing the set, the home is set up to literally clean itself whenever you need it to. Simply push a button or two, and soapy water will quickly give the room a much-needed scrubbing. Next, the rinsers go to work getting rid of the suds. Finally, the blowers dry any remaining water that hasn't run down to the drains located at the bottom of the sloped floors. Impressed yet?

If that wasn't cool enough, get this: the bathroom cleans itself too. The toilet takes care of itself, as do the sink, shower, and bathtub. No more hands-and-knees scrubbing with bleach getting up your nose! In the same vein, the self-dusting bookshelf keeps both the bookshelf clean and your nose sneeze free. On cold nights, a fire in the fireplace is often a cozy, fun family activity that can really be special. Cleaning the ash out of the fireplace, however, is not so special. That's why a drain in the fireplace gets rid of them for you in the self-cleaning house. Still not impressed? The kitchen cabinets are also the dishwasher. Imagine: Take out the dishes, eat off of them, put them back in the cabinet, hit "clean," and then forget about it until you need to use them again! If this isn't the coolest house ever, I don't know what is.

If you want more information on the self-cleaning house or Frances Gabe, you can look here. She lives in the woods of Oregon, and never has to clean a thing! Brilliant!

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