Pardon the Interruption...

...But I've got big news that I couldn't wait to share. My publisher and I have been talking about coming out with a series of new books based on the HTCI principles, showing them in action in certain rooms, areas or categories, such as The House That Cleans Itself for the Kitchen, or The House That Cleans Itself for Newlyweds.

These books would be smaller (and less expensive) than the original, offering practical suggestions and solutions on a more specific basis. For example, The House that Cleans Itself for the Kitchen might deal with how to handle the following:
- counter clutter
- cabinet organization
- food storage
- piles of papers
- homework at the kitchen table
- the kitchen that also serves as an entryway
- items that migrate there from other rooms
- trash and recycling
- large appliances
- small appliances
- bulletin boards/refrigerator magnets
-and more.

And The House that Cleans Itself for Newlyweds might discuss what to do about:
- too much furniture
- not enough furniture
- geegaws, keepsakes, and mementoes
- compromise and negotiation
- learning to live with each other's cleaning styles
- dividing the household chores
- setting up stations
- how to share a bathroom
- organizing hobby areas
- when there's not enough closet space
- how to acquire new furniture and other items the House That Cleans Itself way
-and more.

Given the above, I'm trying to decide what rooms, areas, or categories these various books should focus on. Thus far, I've been thinking about:
The House that Cleans Itself for the Kitchen
The House that Cleans Itself for the Bathroom
The House that Cleans Itself for the Bedroom
The House that Cleans Itself for the Garage
The House that Cleans Itself for the Living Room
The House that Cleans Itself for Newlyweds
The House that Cleans Itself for Families with Kids
The House that Cleans Itself for Teens

Which of the above most appeals to you? Please let me know in one of three ways:

1. post your favorite(s) as a comment to this blog
2. email your favorite(s) to me at
3. go to and cast your vote in the official poll.

If you can think of even more great ideas for books in this series that aren't listed here or in the poll, please post or email as well. I also welcome requests for specific problem areas that you would like to see addressed in these books, such as how to keep under-the-sink cabinets organized or what to do when you have too many books/Legos/mail order catalogs/etc.

Thanks so much for your input!

And be sure to come back next time, when we continue with the current series on new housekeeping technologies.


  1. I love the families with kids idea. As I read your original HTCI book, I frequently wished you'd given specific tips for homes where little kids wreck their destruction :D

  2. Thanks, Kristina. I'll also be doing a blog post or two here on the families-with-kids theme. (I'm still mulling the topic over right now, trying to figure out what I want to say.) Having just dropped off my youngest at college and come back to a kid-free home, I'm realizing all of the MANY MANY ways kids make it so much harder to have a clean house. That's one of the silver linings of living in an empty nest! But suddenly I have a real heart for young moms, because I keep remembering those early years when I didn't even have time to clean myself, much less my house. Stay tuned for more. :)

  3. I love your book and have used the principals as much as possible!

    I would love to read one for newly weds!! We just got married in May and I am using a lot of HTCI ideas, but it would be great to have them specifically for us!

  4. I'm really interested in the kitchen version. That is the one room of the house I can never stay on top of! Cooking three meals a day and snacks in between will mess a kitchen up! But the families with kids sounds good too.

  5. Another idea might be THTCI for roommates. My favorite college student just moved from her dorm room to an apartment that she shares with two other young women.

    Or maybe that could be a novel!!

    Thank you.

  6. I appreciate this book soooo much--THTCI and have recommended it to friends and family.

    I certainly can see the value in the idea of "specialty" versions. Have you consider THTCI for room-mates?

  7. Thanks for all of the great ideas! Keep 'em coming!

  8. Just off the top of my head, how anout one for homeschoolers? Since we are home with our children much more than other families and also have the school materials. This could also be addressed in the kids/family book. :)

  9. How about ". . . for working moms" ? The whole thing is just a struggle for me. :-)

  10. I have done the whole system through my whole house. I am finally done and ready to update my blog about it. My car is the last place that I have not done and I am just stuck on it. I would like one for cars.
    By the way, thank you for this book. I am pretty sure you saved my marriage and my family. I tell EVERYONE I see to buy this book :) :)

  11. I really enjoyed your book but no matter what I have tried I can't seem to get a system for the kids room. We have two girls that share a room. No matter what it seems like we are spending more time trying to keep it up than any other room in the house. They don't have a lot of toys but I don't seem to be able to find their way of organizing. I like the idea of tips for handling kids messes. I am raising my grandchildren and my house was always much messier when my own children were small. I have made great strides but their messes is something I can't get a handle on. Thanks Jamie