Self-Cleaning Wish List

If you missed my last post on this blog, be sure to take a look so you can enter the FREE Self-Cleaning Hairbrush contest while there's still time.

I have enjoyed featuring various self-cleaning products here over the past few months, and I have decided as a final entry on this topic I would create a "wish list" for more. I wish someone would invent a self-cleaning:

• refrigerator

• car

• mirror

• carpet

• shower

Of course, my list could go on and on, but these are the ones that seem the most doable to me, especially in a House That Cleans Itself.

Have I ever shared my idea for the easy-cleaning high chair? (This might even be in the book, I can't remember.) In my opinion, every house with small children should have a "shower bay" in the kitchen, big enough for the child's high chair, with a drain in the floor and a mounted/handheld water faucet on the wall. There aren't many things messier than a child who is learning to feed himself, nor many things more frustrating than a highchair that get filthy from top to bottom and has to be cleaned three times a day.

With my version, the child would enjoy his meal sitting in the chair in the shower bay, and when he's finished I would simply grab the handheld water hose, adjust the temperature, and spray down the chair. While I was at it, I might even spray down the child as well! My kids would've loved this, I know.

Ah, but so much for dreaming. Come back next time when I'll talk about how to take a House That Cleans Itself on the road.

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