Stuff that 'Needs To Go Out'

Is your entry way cluttered with piles of things that need to go back outside like library books, car keys and videos?

Page 117 from The House That Cleans Itself says that having a neat-but-effective launching pad is vital for the cleanliness of your entryway, and the more people you're launching on a daily basis, the more adaptable it needs to be.

Ideally, somewhere near the door should be a bookcase, cabinet or shelving unit that holds as many baskets or bins as there are family members. Each person uses her bin to place items she will need to take with her when he goes out. For mom it could be purse, sunglasses, and library books; for dad, maybe outbound mail or dry cleaning; for kids, lunchboxes, school papers and class projects.

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  1. mindy,
    i love love love this idea, but our entry way is so tiny that i'm finding it hard to implement. we have a split level home, so when you walk in, you have to go up or down right away. i do have a small shoe shelf behind the door for our shoes, and a hook on the wall above it for each of our 4 small kids' jackets... any other ideas for a cramped entry way?