Is this you #5?

Problem: You are a perfectionist, or similarly, you are an all-or-nothing cleaner. You're not going to clean at all unless you can do it right and do it completely. The problem is that life doesn't often allow the luxury of that much uninterrupted time. Consequently you can miss out on a lot of life because you might avoid having people come over except when your place is perfectly clean.

If this is you, the following summary comes from information found on page 70 of The House That Cleans Itself.

Solution: To combat this problem, you have to see that it is a problem and not just a personality quirk. Perfectionists can absolutely paralyze themselves preferring complete inaction to doing something imperfectly or incompletely. This one must be attacked head-on by refusing to allow these tendencies to have an effect on your cleaning behavior. Raise your lowest standards and lower your highest standards. Decide what "clean enough" is for you.

Tell yourself that your company is not here to see a clean house, they're here to see you. Invite them over on a regular basis whether the house is spotless or not.

Remember that a house that cleans itself is one that's clean enough.

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