The Makeup Zone

The problem in my makeup area is the perfect example of why I simply had to write The House That Cleans Itself: because I'm so domestically challenged. A naturally-neat person would never have had this issue, it's that big of a no-brainer.

The problem: My makeup area is consistently messy, littered with cotton balls, tissues, and q-tips.

The solution: (Get ready for a big "Duh!") Put a small trash can within reach.

The reason there was always a mess on my vanity was because the bedroom trashcan is located across the room, and so every time I finished putting on my makeup I had to gather up the used tissues and things, carry them over to the can, and throw them in. For the domestically impaired, that's no small feat—because the simple act of getting up out of a chair is enough to shift the mind into a different gear, one that has forgotten all about walking to the trash can and is instead focused on whatever is next in the agenda.

Because there wasn't room to relocate the bedroom trashcan within reach of the vanity, I got a second, small decorative trashcan instead and stowed it underneath. Now, when I use a tissue to remove my makeup or a q-tip to smooth out my eye liner, it goes straight from my hand to the trashcan. My messy makeup area is no more.

Click here to view a variety of small trashcans.

Next up: the jewelry problem.


  1. I had this problem solved in the same way...put a small wastebasket under the vanity area. Everything was fine until I got a dog. My dog loves to eat/chew tissues, cotton balls, and Q-tips. I would come into the room and find bits of cotton-looking stuff all over the floor. It looked almost like snow. So, I solved that problem by getting a small wastebasket with a lid that you have to step on a little pedal to raise the lid. Problem solved. My clever dog figured out how to press the pedal to raise the lid. I was in the den one night and I heard a thump coming from my bedroom. Curiously, I went in there. There was Lucie, happily chewing tissues from the wastebasket. turned the wastebasket around so that the pedal is facing the corner formed by the dresser and the wall. No way she can get it now. The pedal is sorta hidden too close to the wall to get a paw in there. Problem solved. Nope...I still hear the "thump" of the wastebasket lid and I know Lucie is at it again. I'm not sure if she's pressing the pedal to open the lid or if she's prying the lid open with her mouth or paw. Of course she won't do it when I'm looking so I might have to install security cameras. But, I've just accepted that I might have some tissues and cotton balls on the floor....

  2. Duh...why did I never think of that? I'm getting a wastebasket for the vanity ASAP!