Never Stop Tweaking

Recently, my bedroom hasn't been as consistently clean as one in a House That Cleans Itself ought to be. I have been busier than usual with lots of speaking engagements, travel, and novel-writing, but still something has felt "off" about it. The HTCI plan is supposed to be nearly effortless, but in this case it no longer was.

Using the HTCI principles outlined in the book, I decided to take a look at my mess, examine the evidence, and see if I needed to make any new changes. Sure enough, I was able to narrow the problem down to five issues:

1. My makeup area was consistently messy, littered with cotton balls, tissues, and q-tips
2. My jewelry wasn't getting put away where it belonged
3. The TV cabinet seemed messy
4. My bedside table was cluttered with too much stuff
5. The catch-all basket next to my bed had caught all it could—and then some!

Check back next time to see how I solved each of these problems the House That Cleans Itself way.

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