Is this you #3?

Problem: When you organize, do you tend to overdo by creating too many categories? (Too many subdivisions makes sorting complicated and challenging.) Even if you set up a good sorting system by following someone else's simple guidelines, when it comes time to use it you may find youself simply standing there in confusion, item in hand, wondering what category that item is most closely related to. And then, later you can't remember which category you chose, forcing you to dig through all applicable file folders to find the missing paper.

The below solution comes from page 67 of The House That Cleans Itself.

Solution: To best deal with it, think in terms "broader is better." Use boxes or drawers rather than files, and give them more general categories (for example, that air conditioner receipt could go into a box labeled "Papers related to stuff I own"). This sytem may look inefficient to others, but for you this might be the answer to a lifetime of struggling with your tendency to overanalyze.

Whenever you set up any new organizational systems, alway pause and ask youself if you're carrying it too far. Then ask someone else! His or her input will help you see if your organization is too extensive, causing more problems than it will solve.

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