Is This You #1?

Problem: You have a hard time remembering to pause, think and do when it comes to the actions of daily life.

Solutions to compensate for this type of impairment are found on page 66.

1. Set up your home so that doing the neat thing is as thoughtless a process as doing the messy thing. For example replace the chair you usually dump your jacket on with a standing coat rack.

2. Force yourself to take a five-minute walk through your entire house once a day and focus on what's in front of you. Just do light straightening; if you do it daily it can become a fairly pain-free habit.

3. Use labels everywhere so you don't have to think or remember when putting things away. I lose an enormous amount of time standing in front of a closet trying to bring my brain back into the moment, consciously realizing what I'm holding in my hand and then trying to remember where it goes. Without labels, cleaning is so much trouble that I'm less likely to do it.

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