Deadline Time

Here's a little irony for you: Just as the flowers are starting to bloom and birds are tweeting and the earth is waking up and animals are coming out of hibernation, I'm about to do the opposite. Thanks to an impending book deadline, I am now going INTO hibernation. I'll be fairly incommunicado for a while as I focus almost exclusively on finishing my next book. Sounds odd, maybe, but actually it's one of the most fun parts of what I do. Hibernating to write lets me turn off the noise and the distractions and focus solely on my craft.

However, I didn't want to leave you hanging here on the blog without any new entries, so I have made arrangements for a really fun treat instead. As you may know, though I wrote The House That Cleans Itself, I am primarily a fiction author. Yesterday, I put out a call for help to my fiction author friends, providing them with a list of housekeeping-related questions for them to ponder and then post about here. Why them? Because they're an enormously creative bunch and they really know how to think outside of the box. And isn't thinking outside of the box one of the key elements for creating a House That Cleans Itself? I've already gotten some replies, and over the coming weeks, this blog will feature my questions and their answers--some of which are hilarious, some of which are serious, and all of which are awesome.

So be sure to come back next time to see how they responded to my first question, "If you could invent a machine that accomplished one single housekeeping task in your home, what would that machine do?" If you'd like, please use this blog's Comments to post your response to this question as well!

In the meantime, in honor of spring, I thought I'd share two photos that I took this morning on my front porch. I was trying to water the flowers...

but just like a Cracker Jack box, there was a surprise inside!

Isn't God great?



  1. I hope that your hibernation time will be profitable and that you will be able to get a lot of work done on your next book. I can't wait to read it!

    If I could invent a machine that would accomplish one single cleaning task in my home, it would clean my showers. Not just spray cleaner around like the scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner, but actually scrub the walls, the floor, the soap dish, and the top and underside of the shower bench.

    I almost said a machine that would vacuum my floors, but then I realized that that one has already been invented. I just don't own a robot vacuum.

  2. I'd love to try a Robot vacuum, too. But my kids are so prone to dropping little things on the floor and not picking them up, I'd have to go through the grime before dumping every time, just to make sure I didn't toss any earrings, coins, notes, etc.

    Thanks for your input! Love the shower idea.

  3. i love those pictures. especially the little egg hiding in there.

  4. Enjoy your hibernation! May it be blessed and productive :D

    I was wondering if there is a better way to contact you. I tried emailing the address on your "Contact Mindy" page of your website twice over the past few months, but haven't received any answer yet.
    I guess I won't expect one for a bit, since you're hibernating! :D

  5. Hi Christy, thanks for the kind words. I have managed to squeeze in a few "family breaks" in my hibernation time, but now I'm back at it, on that home stretch and working hard to stay focused to the end.

    Given that I've had to put most business matters on the back burner, I am so sorry you haven't heard from me yet! I was woefully behind in my email already, and this time away from all of that is only making it worse. If you don't mind, resend your note to this address,, and I'll be sure to look for it first after I turn in this book in about 2 weeks and can finally start getting caught up.

    You can also write to my assistant,, for any matters more urgent than that.

    Thanks again for your sweet spirit--and your patience! I appreciate both more than you can imagine.

  6. I sent email to your aol address just a few minutes ago. Thank you so much!! :D

    --Christy S. Lube