Solving the Shoe Problem, Part II

If you liked last week’s post about shoe covers, you’re going to love this product: The Shoe Inn Portable Shoe Cover Dispenser.

The Shoe Inn website has a film that shows how it works. Though the large model obviously wouldn’t be necessary in a home, the portable version seems like the perfect addition to a House That Cleans Itself. You can watch here:

What I like about this product is that it seems like so much fun that kids (and husbands) wouldn’t mind using it regularly. Remember, even the best household products are pointless if they just sit in the closet. I have a feeling that placing one of these babies right by the door would ensure frequent use and far cleaner floors all over the house.

Let me say that this is not a personal endorsement for this product. I've never used one and have no experience with this company. I just found the info online and thought it was cool enough--not to mention applicable--to pass it along here.

Come back next time as we tackle more of your household challenges.

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