Author Responses, Part Four

More from Lenora Worth this week, including an excerpt from the book she's currently writing.

If you could easily afford to have a full time or live-in housekeeper, would you want one? Why or why not?

I don't think I'd ever have a live-in housekeeper. I like my privacy
too much and I don't like other people going through my "stuff." But it
would be nice to have someone come in once a week maybe.

Describe the current state of your office. Be honest: How good or bad is it?

I've been trying to clean my office for days now. It always get messy
toward the end of a book being written. It's cluttered but I have
little organized spots so I can at least attempt to find things. I
don't like it too neat. That kind of scares me. But I can handle only
so much clutter before that gets to me, too. I like a good balance.

Provide a brief excerpt from one of your books that shows a scene involving housekeeping/mess/cleanliness.

From Let's Make a Deal (working title) Harlequin
SuperRomance--January 2011--Lenora Worth

Letting out a groan, Jane Harper looked up from her now ruined black
Italian leather “client-meeting” pumps to the two-storied whitewashed
farmhouse sitting with forlorn loneliness up on the hill in front of
her. At least she was here now. And from the looks of the place, she’d
be here a while. The yard was weed-covered and drought-thirsty. An old
International tractor sat lopsided near a giant live oak on a hill,
looking like a petrified bug. The steps were cracked, the porch paint
was peeling. And the porch was lined with several pieces of vintage
wicker furniture and Victorian plant stands, along with exercise
equipment and piles of various brands of empty beer cans.

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