Author Responses, Part Seven

Here's more of my Q & A with Jane Kirkpatrick. Enjoy!

If you could easily afford to have a full time or live-in housekeeper, would you want one? Why or why not?

No. I like my alone time with my husband and we have someone who works for us on the ranch so always have someone here everyday and I really would like to have private time. Having someone come in now and then, that would be great! But I’d have to clean up first.

Describe the state of your office right now. Be honest: How good or bad is it?

It’s pretty bad. I’m on final deadline and reference books and other items are strewn around. Notes of revisions I need to make are tacked to the computer; the church bench behind me holding reference books is now double stacked so I can just turn around and grab and not lose time going to the bookcase! I haven’t unpacked my retreat leading boxes either; they’re stacked. And since I just had a new book come out, the file boxes for that book have also not been put away as I might need to reference something in an interview, for example.

Thanks, Lenora, for your input--and your honesty. I think deadline time is the messiest time for every writer's home, or at least for their office. I know it is for me! And though I'm no fan of cleaning, there's something incredibly satisfying about putting my life back together again after having written "The End" on a manuscript and sending it off to the publisher. Here's hoping you'll reach that point soon yourself!

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