Fixing the Key Situation for Good

On Monday, I talked about the problem with keys and how you should handle them in a House That Cleans Itself. Today I'd love to share with you some really fun options for key holders to use in your home. Enjoy!

Key Holders for Hook People

Keeping track of keys got your goose? Then give this one a try!

This handy key-hook unit holds a lot of other stuff as well.

Can't resist these cuties!

Key Holders for Non-Hook People

Hooks don't work for you? How about a pretty wooden bowl like this one instead?

Or this one?

Or maybe a nice basket or a brass tray.

Cat lovers rejoice!

This hippo would make a great key holder—and a fun addition to anyone's front hall.

The Perfect Compromise

If your household has a mix of hook people and non-hook people, maybe you should give a combo like this a shot.

Are keys a problem in your household? If so, I'd love to hear about it—or how you've decided to solve the issue—in the comments below!

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