The Key to the Key Problem

Where do you keep your keys? Do you always know where they are? Or do you waste way too much time each day trying to hunt them down?

If keys are a problem in your home, don't feel bad. A LOT of housekeeping-impaired people share this particular issue! Here's what I have to say about the key situation in The House That Cleans Itself...

Do you have hooks on which to hang keys, but no one is using them? If so, you may be surprised at the reason. Believe it or not, in this world there are hook people and there are nonhook people. If the key hooks are not getting used, chances are it’s because the nonhook people in the house subconsciously think it’s too much trouble. (Nonhook people have to focus and think in order to use a hook, which distracts and confuses them for a moment, causing them to lose momentum. Over time they stop seeing hooks so they won’t have to pause and think about using them.) 

Replacing the hooks with a small basket might solve the problem. If there’s no tabletop on which to place the basket, try using the kind of basket that hangs from the wall. Just make sure it’s only big enough to hold keys and nothing else, or people might begin to use it for other things as well. You may be surprised at how a simple change—like switching from a hook to a basket—can eliminate the keys-piled-on-the-counter problem entirely.

Of course, there are a lot of cool choices when it comes to the key-holders you use in your house. Be sure to check back on Thursday when I'll share some links to some really fun options.

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