Couch Clutter, Take Four

Blankets are a common culprit for couch mess. Blankets on the couch drive me nuts, probably because every member of my family (except me) makes this particular mess all the time. My solution has been to buy a lidded laundry basket and place it in an unobtrusive spot against the wall in the living room. When not in use, blankets get crammed into that laundry basket, folded or not. The key here is to put the laundry basket in such a convenient spot that blankets can be put away the moment people get up from the couch and chairs. And a lid is very important, otherwise it still looks messy.

Click here to see an example of a laundry basket that's inexpensive but attractive.
Wicker Corner Laundry Basket

If this idea works for you, you may want to look into a fancier, more permanent model such as the one you see by clicking here.
Cappuccino Finish Laundry Basket

Come back soon as we wrap up the cluttered couch issue once and for all.

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