More on the Problem Couch

Once again we look at the issue submitted by joyannasmom.

If there are books all over your couch…good for you! At least you're reading. But if you've got book clutter, you need to ask yourself where these books belong and why they're not getting put back. It may be that you need a small bookshelf in the room where the couch is. Or maybe there is a bookshelf but it's so overloaded that you don't use it like you should--or it's up too high or down too low and therefore inconvenient. Again, because your goal is to engineer cleaning convenience, you need to examine what's causing this problem and fix it once and for all.

In my house, whenever I notice book clutter in a room where I don't have or want a bookshelf, I'll create a "temporary book storage" area, such as a wicker basket that sits on the floor next to the couch. I won't want that basket there forever, but it's a great temporary solution. You may also want to look at putting some "hidden" storage places into the room, such as a storage ottoman. Click here for an example. The only problem with a hidden storage space is that you might forget the stuff is there. So if that sounds like something you might do, better to keep things neatly corralled—and in plain sight.

Check back soon for more help with a messy couch!

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