The Problem Couch

Back to joyannasmom and her messy sectional, where she frequently tosses her jacket.

Jackets should always go on a convenient coat rack or hook—not on the nearest chair! You've got three choices, really, on how to do this. Click on each type, below, to see an example or to purchase:
standing coat rack
mounted coat rack
over-the-door coat rack

There's no need to spend a lot of money, though there are some nice-looking ones out there if you're willing to pay the price. If none of the above types fill the bill, head to the nearest dime store and buy a nice-sized coat hook for just a few dollars. Install it in a convenient place—and then force yourself to use it until it becomes a habit.

Come back soon as we keep working through this mess!

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  1. Your book caught my eye as soon as I saw it, and I just picked it up last week. I am a wife, mother of four young children, and writer. I love entertaining and can usually get things together for a party, but struggle with daily home maintenance. For a long time I have felt so inadequate in the area of housekeeping, and embarrassed for anyone to drop in unexpectedly. I realized how much I was struggling last week when my husband was hospitalized and along with worries for his health and safety, I was concerned about the state of my house with relatives on the way.

    I actually bought your book in the hospital gift shop, and it has been such a blessing to me. I am about halfway through and often laugh out loud--or blush--when I read passages that apply so much to my life. If I had known someone was looking through my windows and planning to write a book about it, I would have tidied up a bit! :)

    Anyway, I just had to seek out your blog to thank you for writing this book. It has been such a source of hope and inspiration to me already. Please visit my blog sometime, as I'm always delighted to have visitors drop by any time! (I even wrote a post called "Cleaning House" in February dealing with my housekeeping struggle.)