You Gotta Love Malta

Our family went on a Mediterranean cruise this past summer, and one of the first stops was the fascinating Republic of Malta.

On a walking tour of charming Rabat, I noticed a real House That Cleans Itself technique in action. For some reason that probably had nothing whatsoever to do with housekeeping, there were grates along the sidewalks, as you can see here:

What can I say? I wish everyone who came into my home had to do so by first walking over an open grate, because there would be far less dirt tracked inside—not to mention that I wouldn't have to shake out the floor mats nearly as often. Maybe someday, I'll talk my husband into constructing similar grates right outside my front and back doors!


  1. The grates are the ventilation for the bomb shelters that were built underneath the house. Eventually most of them got closed up because of the dirt that would fall in!

  2. Oh! Thanks so much for letting us know. I don't know why I didn't think to ask when I was there. :)