Rechargeable Sweeper

So many have written to ask what rechargeable sweeper I use that I decided to discuss it here.

My choice is the Cordless Swivel Sweeper, available from TV and some retail outlets. (I got mine at a drug store.) It's not perfect, but I do like it. Here's my list of its pros and cons.

Swivel Sweeper pros:
• very lightweight
• head is larger than some other brands, which means it takes less time overall to cover an area
• swivel makes it easy to get up under almost everything
• battery easy to take off/charge/put back on
• not as noisy as some I've tried
• picks up extremely well, especially considering that it uses a roller rather than suction
• picks up well along edges too.

Swivel Sweeper cons:
• the tray that catches the dirt is too small and gets full fast, which means repeated dumpings
• you get your fingers dirty emptying the tray (though at least it is easy to snap on and off)
• dog hair gets wrapped around the rollers and you have to pick it out
• I have two, and the older one has a better battery life than the newer one, which leads me to believe that either I got a dud the second time around or they switched to a different battery manufacturer. Anyway, the older one's charge lasts long enough to do the whole house, while the newer one lasts about as long as the first floor and then it dies. That's enough for my needs, but I still find it irritating.

I hope this is helpful you! It's not a wholehearted endorsement, but I have tried about 6 different brands and this one is my favorite of all I've tried.


  1. Mrs. Starns,
    I must admit that I have no idea what a rechargeable sweeper is! :) Does that mean I am even more a horrible house keeper??? Just kidding! :) (Well, about the horrible house keeper!)
    I am half way through reading The House that Cleans Itself! You have a lot of great ideas, that after I move (which in packing, and seeing all our "stuff/junk", and I saw this book in our Christian section at the store, I knew I needed it!) I plan on implementing them! Of course, as I unpack, a lot of these ideas are going into action pronto!! :)
    I am excited to move and have such great tips to help the house come together to clean itself!! :)
    I do have a question for you though. We are a blessed family of 6 (5 during the school year as our only son is in Bible college) and I swear my laundry needs birth control pills cause it multiplies during the night!!! :) I always have NUMEROUS load of laundry. With 4 girls (two being 6 and 9 and like to change a lot for no apparent reason) this is to be expected. I don't mind really, we have two hampers one for lights and one for darks set up in the hallway by the main bathroom and down just a little from my front loaders so this works out pretty well. Alas, you knew there was going to be a tale to be told for writing all that! :) In the new house we are moving into, my "entry way" is now through the laundry room! Eek!! Oh my!! Whatever will I do??? When you open the door you will be looking at my front loaders. The hot water tank is behind the door! Upon going through the laundry room you walk into the kitchen. There is a bedroom off either side of the kitchen and the ONE bathroom (whatever will we girls do??):) is down the hall towards the front of the house. There is a front door, but it is not used as the back door has a nice little porch and an area that is the only place to park. It would be redundant to walk all the way around to the front of the house when you have to park in the back! I cannot for the life of me figure out how I am going to keep this area presentable 95% of the time! (Noticed I gave myself 5% leeway!!) :) I still have an occasional bed wetter, so bottom sheet, comforters, and wet pad usually take up the washer! I have tried hampers in the rooms itself, but that was too hard to remember to go from room to room! Sounds crazy, but after reading most of your book, I realize that I might be a circle in a square hole there! Out of sight out of my mind!!! :)
    Thank you for “listening”!!! Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!! :) Jackie

  2. I was crazy about this sweeper until the battery started dying all of the time. That is a major drawback. Loved your book. Tomorrow, my blog will feature your book. Check it out.