Final Thoughts on Laundry

Before we move into another challenge that needs creative problem solving, I want to share with you how the art of sorting works in our house. In my tiny laundry room, there are five bins, as follows:
1. Anything that needs hand washing (because I don't want someone else in the family accidentally tossing these in with a regular load)
2. My husband's permanent press dress shirts (because they have to be hung up immediately, I never wash these unless I know I'll be free to do the hanging as soon as they're dry.)
3. My husband's t-shirts. (He doesn't want me to dry his t-shirts, so I only wash these when I know I'll remember not to toss them straight from the washer to the dryer—and if there's room on the dryer rack to hang them up.)
4. Dirty washcloths. (I use washcloths in the kitchen rather than sponges—just my personal preference—but I hate the thought of tossing them in with the regular laundry, especially if they have food particles or bleach on them!)
5. Everything else.

See how we have used the art of sorting? I still follow the light-medium-dark rules to an extent. But by dividing the laundry into more useful categories, I save a lot of time and trouble—and headaches.

I'll respond to your comments about laundry next time, so be sure to come back!

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