The Laundry Problem

Last time, we talked about relocating your laundry room upstairs. But if that's not an option, consider these suggestions.

First, you might try setting a "container limit", which means you're allowed to accumulate something up to the point where your designated container is full. Once you exceed the container, you have no choice but to take action. Applied to clean laundry, this would mean getting a big bin or basket (if necessary, a REALLY BIG bin or basket) and putting it in the corner of the living room. Clean laundry gets dumped into it straight out of the dryer. A regular folding time is designated—perhaps while watching your favorite TV show or right after school while chatting with the kids about their day. You try to form the habit of folding at that designated time, but if you fall behind at least the laundry is in one spot, contained, rather than spread all over the couch. Just make sure that there's never more laundry than there is room in the container, or you'll need to put in some extra folding time so as not to exceed your container limit.

More on laundry next time!


  1. I just got done reading your book. It was fantastic! I was wondering what suggestions you had for the bedroom in regards to clothes that are used but are still clean. I don't really want to rehang them but they always end up on the floor. Any suggestions?

  2. Ditto for me on Dana&Ryan's comment! I walk A LOT and, living in the Northeast, I'm always peeling off layers and putting them back on. Add to that that I work at home, I'm peeling off work clothes (basically junky clothes) and putting on nicer clothes (basically things without holes) to run to town or a doctor's appointment. So I end up with PILES and PILES of clean clothes in my bathroom because it's off and on, off and on...all day long.

    Speak, oh Organized One!