Here We Go Again

WHERE: Living room

WHAT: Clean folded and unfolded laundry

WHY: Because I hate to carry the laundry up stairs I also hate to fold. Apparently I am not the only one!! LOL!!!

You may be surprised at my answer to this question. In a true House That Cleans Itself, the washer and dryer are taken out of the basement or downstairs and reinstalled upstairs, near the bedrooms.

I mean, really, why do we lug the dirty clothes all the way down just to wash and fold and lug all the way up? I'll tell you why: because traditionally men designed houses and women did the laundry! Now that there is more equal representation in the work force—not to mention more men doing their share at home—you'd think this would change with every new house that's built. But it isn't. Why? I'm not sure, but I guess it's because we are all creatures of habit, and if it was good enough for mom this way, it should be okay for us too. I say, let's start a revolution. Washers and dryers should be as close to the place where the people in your house dress and undress as possible! End of story.

On the other hand, let's say you're in a rental or for some other reason can't make that change. What are lesser changes that could solve this problem at least somewhat? I'll address that question next time.


  1. Just wanted you to know that I picked up your book on a whim in the Jacksonville Airport while waiting for my flight home to the Detroit area. I LOVE IT!. You may have the answer to my problems. I am pleased to say that I have found my kitchen counters and half the table. I am very hopeful! Thank you and God Bless!

  2. Having to take clean clothes up stairs isn't a problem for my family because we live in a single level house.

    The problem I tend to have is that when the clothes are clean they are sorted into piles and placed on the respective person's bed. If that person comes home late or doesn't have time to put their washing away the pile gets moved to somewhere else so that they can jump into bed. This problem is compounded for me because my dresser doesn't fit in my bedroom (I share a tiny room with my younger sister)and it's easier not to have the pile of clothes on the bed in the first place, but left in the area where they will eventually go away. Still working on a solution for this, but short of moving house, I can't figure one out right now.

  3. I, too, hate carrying laundry upstairs - especially hanging clothes because they can get quite heavy. And lugging a full laundry hamper downstairs isn't much better. We're thinking about having a laundry chute installed in our master bedroom closet, which is directly over the laundry room. Talk about convenience!

    I'm leary of putting my washer/dryer upstairs because of possible overflow or leaking. One of our upstairs toilets overflowed a few years ago, and it caused quite a bit of damage downstairs. The mess and repair costs were horrible!