The Laundry Problem, Continued

The second suggestion I have is that you should take a good look at the various tasks your folding sessions include, then make changes to the laundry itself so that less of your time is required to process it. For example:

• I highly suggest ONE KIND OF SOCK, not 20 different pairs. Socks that all match don't need to be sorted; they can just get dumped into the drawer and pulled at random, and they'll always match.

• Unless it's important to you, stop folding underwear; the wrinkles will smooth out as soon as you pull it on anyway.

• Give every member of the family their own color for sheets and towels and make them responsible for folding their own. (This is especially helpful with teens who tend to use a towel once and then toss.)

• Watch any tendencies you may have toward perfectionism. I know people who never get around to folding because they know they're going to obsess about doing it perfectly, so they'd rather not do it at all. Give yourself a break! If you tend toward perfectionism in this area, then do a "folding pre-sort" where you divide the clean laundry into several piles, such as "must be perfect" (dress clothes, slacks, etc.), "can be okay" (such as jeans and t-shirts), and "just get it done" such as baby clothes and kids' play clothes). Start with the sloppiest pile first, and by the time you get to that "must be perfect" pile, chances are you'll be so tired of folding that you'll move through it more quickly than ever before.

Check back next time for my third and final laundry solution.

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