Battery Photos

Here's what the batteries look like in a naturally-neat person's home:

Here's what that gadget looks like when I try to use it in my house:

Here's my battery drawer now:

Here's my dead battery box:

If this looks like it would work for you too, ditch that silly battery rack and go and do likewise.


  1. That is awesome! LOVE the photos! Only because it SO resonates with me! I've used your method/book and I tell people about it frequently. I usually admit that things end up where they are supposed to go about 75% of the time (only because I don't think it is physically possible for me to get much higher!). These pictures remind me of that! But, I am thrilled with 75% since it beats my old percentage of having things missing about 99%of the time!

  2. Hi Dana, glad you find the photos helpful. And YAY for your 75%!!! It's all so relative. My house isn't spotless 24/7 but compared to how it used to be...well, there is NO comparison to how it used to be. Night and day. Sounds like you, too, are living in much better place, so to speak. You go, girl!