More PASes

What else in your home has a messy PUT AWAY STYLE (PAS) for you?

Socks and underwear?

Then use a drawer or container big enough that you can simply cram your undies and socks in anyway, unfolded and unmatched. Who cares?

The garden hose?

Then get a big outdoor pot and toss it in there in a wad. (Or do what I do and buy one on a spool that you can retract by turning the handle.)


Then get them off that messy, visible spice rack and toss them into a bin instead, one that hides inside a nearby kitchen cabinet.

Art supplies?

Again, get a bin that's big enough to scoop them into a give that bin a place in a nearby closet or cabinet. ( I still wish I could get back the hours I spent when my kids were little separating crayons from markers-like it mattered!)

What else has a messy PAS in your world? Think about it, then create a system that accomodates it rather than one which is incompatible with it. You'll soon find that things are staying cleaner simply because you anticpated your messy PAS and created a system that accomodated it.


  1. My favorite PAS so far has to be in my bedroom. I used to have a ton of makeup/toiletries on my dresser that I would use each day. I like to use them in my bedroom rather than the bathroom and no matter how well I tried to organize my stuff on the dresser, it always appeared cluttered. Then one day when I was working on cleaning out that zone, I realized that I could get rid of enough stuff in my dresser that I could free up an entire drawer. Now I use that drawer to toss all of my makeup and stuff in and not have to worry about it being organized. All I have to do is shut the drawer and the mess is gone!!

  2. And that's EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Awesome. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hey Mindy
    Me and my husband have the most annoying habit... we toss clothes. They pile and pile, it happens JUST like you describe in your book. We don't mean to, one minute the house is spotless and the next we blink and there are mountains of clothes on the floors and dressers! I've tried everything to make our lives easier with this one but have come out blank. Nothing seems to work! Laundry clean and unclean are a problem even new cclothes!! Any ideas of a system that could help us!? HELP!! Thanks in advance :)