And the Answer Is...

Did you guess correctly? That's right, folks, even though I bought this little tray two or three years ago, it still sports the plastic ring that held its original price tag.

The funny thing is, I didn't even realize that I had left the thing on there until I was posting these photos and saw it for myself. This is yet another reason I suggest using a camera as a part of your mess-fighting arsenal, because sometimes it takes a picture to show us the oversights that are right in front of our own eyes.

So am I the only one in the world who doesn't think to cut tags off after I buy something? Once I posted these photos, I went around the house with a pair of scissors and found three more tags, one of them on a rug I bought about five years ago. I'm not sure why I forget to snip tags, but I do know they can give an area a messy feel--and they don't belong in a House That Cleans Itself.


  1. good point, and I have some baskets in my front hall with tags on them. Time to take care of that. And to empty out the baskets and get rid of the things that have collected there.

  2. I can not believe I get to give a tip to you, I'm so excited! So, here goes. I keep a very small and basic swiss army knife in my pocket or in my wallet at all times. You would be surprised how often those tiny little scissors come in handy. They also have a nail file thats head works as a flathead screwdriver for when you need to unscrew battery covers. Not having to hunt this stuff down or make a special trip to my desk makes me much more likely to take care of little tags on the spot.

  3. Great tip, Lynn! My only worry would be forgetting to lose the little knife when it's time to travel. (I can just see myself trying to get through airport security with a Swiss Army knife in my pocket!) But I think it's worth the risk, just to have it around the house. Love it.

    In a similar vein, I do have a tiny measuring tape on my keyring, and I'm always amazed at how often in comes in handy--usually when I'm out shopping and I need to know if something will fit in a space I have at home. Like your knife, having it handy makes all the difference.

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. Hi Tami, thanks for commenting. I'm SO glad to know I'm not the only one who does this!

    Good luck with the baskets. :)

  5. So funny! I never even noticed that.

    I did something similar once with a jacket. I wore it for a year and a half before I noticed that the back still had big stitches to keep the pleats in place while on the rack. Fortunately, I usually go out in a wheelchair, so no one would have noticed the stitches!

  6. Hi Mindy, I do this too and even do it with my clothes sometimes, now it takes a special person to take it that far!